Monday, February 11, 2013

MDGs in the perspective of Minority Women

Today, there were seven women representing vulnerable and minority groups such as migrant workers, LGBT, indegenous, dissability, urban poor, fisherwoman spoke about their experience in the process of Millinium Development Goals. Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia (Indonesia Women Coalition), mass organization held national consultation in responding post MDGs development on 11-12 February 2013,which currently gauging in different continent. There were two key questions addressed by Ibu Titik from ACE acting moderator during the interactive dialogue; what they are feeling about the development? what they are expecting of future development? 
Policy which is helpful for migrant workers and their family should address in the post 2015 development agenda. Besides accassibility of information, training center, education, health services, and job availability, which seems far from the hand of women from vulnerable and minority groups. Ratna from disability group remarked new phenomena of sexual violence against women with disability that there is increasing number of a group of men who pretends to love a girl with disability, but then he traps her into pornography and trafficking. I was also shocked by there were fisherpeople who die because of lack of financial support to pay health service. While, we have health scheme with limited payment less then Rp 5 million. If the cost of health service is over Rp 5 million, there is no hope. 
Mona from Lesbian group felt that there is almost no space for women with different sexual orientation to join with social activities. Their opportunity is blocked because of their sexual orientation. Even, availability of two division of toilet; lady and gentleman, can be considered rejection from society. Moreover, to get appropriate job from the public. "I hope it is only me subjecting to discrimination from public. our future generation would not ever feel it," Mona said. 

Regarding the world minority women want, issue on ending discrimination and violence against minority women from different sectors highlighed in the post 2015 development agenda. Public services must be assesible for all women regardless their ethnic, religious, ability, sexual orientation background. Goverment should pay attention on the basic rights of people including public service. The policy must reflect diversities and oriente to peace and sustainable prosperity.

It is important to goverment to listen their voice as part of reflectio of the achivement of MDGs and recomendation to optimalize intervention in this 3 years. In all, the experience of women minority should be mainstreamed of the policy of post 2015 development agenda. It is must be people-centered and human rights approach. ***

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