Sunday, June 26, 2011


This research describes single young women's sexuality in modern Muslim boarding school called Pesantren from their own perspective. It documents a process of social change in which traditional Islamic prescription on sexuality is being transformed by modern experience of single young women. Data was collected by means of a feminist ethnographic study in which full participation in daily life of single young women in Pesantren. The material collected was analyzed in two principles ways--- narrative and discourse analysis?to bring up multi subjectivities and realities on their sexuality. Findings highlighted the dynamics of interactions between dominant Islamic discourse and other discourses on modernity and feminism, which are taking a place both in personal experience and practice. Personal experience and practice is hybrid, fluid, and fragmented as is signified by changes and trends. That illustrates strongly in the way single young women negotiating and resiting religious morality, modernity and feminism to response issue of body, relationship, sexual orientation, fantasy, desire, code dress.
Keyword: Discourse,sexuality, subjectivity, modernity, islam, pesantren, feminism
Author: Dwi Rubiyanti Kholifah (Google+)
Publisher: LAMBERT Academic Publishing