Tuesday, September 2, 2014

GALAA 2014: GLocal Advocacy of Post 2015

GALAA 2014: GLocal Advocacy of Post 2015
One of the most difficult parts of advocacy is negotiation. It does not only require strong argumentation and how deep we understand the substance, but it also seriously to consider 3P (position, personality and Power), understanding political preposition of somebody and country where she/he comes from. Therefore, I am interested to participate to GALAA 2, a seven days training on strengthening activist with knowledge and skill advocacy on Post 2015 Development Agenda by integrating human rights, democracy and development.

Unlike other training, Forum Asia, Asia Development Alliance (ADA) and Asia Democracy Network (ADN), provided practical skills for human rights defenders, development workers and democracy activist with framework called Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to be used in Post 2015 global advocacy. In addition, the training was intended to linkage between global and local at national and regional level to strengthen voice of Asia on the post 2015. 30 representatives from three different types of civil societies from Southeast Asia, South Asia and NorthEast Asia have learnt about HRBA in the context of development and to use effectively in advocacy post 2015 Agenda. Anselmo Lee from South Korea and Rebecca Malay from Philippines provided us with simple mapping of UN procedure, global meetings relating to development, and global-regional-sub regional actors to human rights, development and democracy.

The training contains of 6 parts;
1. Basic concept of Human Rights Based Approach
2. Introduction on Post 2015 and Proposed 17 SDGs
3. Mechanism and Process of Human Rights and Development
4. Mapping and Coalition Building at Global-Regional- Sub Regional
5. Advocacy on Post 2015: Drafting Goals, Negotiation, Oral Statement
6. Next Action 

You can read the complete version of summary of training at this link

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